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Age Restriction

All the customers purchasing must be 18 Years Old or Over if making a purchase from our website.  you are there to be verified by producing sufficient evidence (e.g. NZ’s driving License or Passport or valid 18+ card approved by the government ) of that entitlement on request prior to or upon delivery of the products.

You acknowledge that you are 18 Years Old or Over when making any purchase(s) or Orders on this website, you have read and accepted the terms and conditions set out and that you agree to enter into a legal contract with us. We reserve the right to take any legal action(s) against you and seek compensation for any loss or damage we may suffer from any purchase(s)/Order(s) made by a minor or from the parent/guardian of a minor who caused the purchase(s)/Order(s) to be made.

We don’t support all illegal drugs and do not encourage or force anyone to consume our products. Our sole purpose is to provide people with the product that they deserve. You are responsible for your own choices.